Sixty Minutes of Peace: short meditation courses for the workplace.

Group Meditation

With the World Health Organisation predicting that by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of ill health and disability world-wide, solutions and life-skills that encourage stress reduction and inner peace are becoming increasingly relevant, topical and saught after.

Meditation – an effective and simple solution to workplace stress – is fast becoming a mainstream social skill and the Sri Chinmoy Centre is offering an initiative to introduce these skills: a sixty-minute workplace introductory session as a free community service.

Sixty Minutes of Peace involves our instructor teaching the ABC's of simple, proven meditation techniques and practical tips on getting started to your staff and employees. Single or multiple teaching sessions are available.


Some of the benfits of meditation in the workplace include:

  • Calmer minds and clearer focus.
  • Improved mental clarity leads to improved creativity.
  • Increased productivity with less stress.
  • Happier individuals equates to more harmony among collegues.
  • A sense of common purpose, teamwork and job satisfaction.

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