Sri Chinmoy (1931—20017)

Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose (1931—2007)

Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual teacher and dreamer of world peace whose dynamic life of self-offering served and continues to inspire people all over the world. A renaissance man in every sense of the term, Sri Chinmoy left a vast legacy of writings, poetry, music, artwork, sporting achievements and a variety of community service initiatives that will continue to encourage and guide humanity toward the ideal of a peaceful oneness-world-family for centuries to come. It is from this legacy that we draw the material, inspiration and experience for the free meditation classes that we offer.

A spiritual Master is an
All-illumining torch-gift
From the Father Heaven
To the Mother Earth.

    – Sri Chinmoy. (source)

Despite being recognised and honoured for his many accomplishments and selfless service to humanity by many of the world's governments, universities and institutions throughout his life, Sri Chinmoy remained perpetually humble. Once asked how he viewed himself and his role in the world, Sri Chinmoy had the following to say.

People say that I am an ambassador of peace, but that is not true; I am a student of peace. Only a student can always go on learning. Every day, every hour, every minute and every second I am learning to see, feel and become one with the new light and delight that the message of universal peace is offering to me and to humanity. I am a student of peace and I wish to remain so forever and forever, for peace is a reality that is constantly transcending its own high, higher, highest heights.

    – Sri Chinmoy. (source)

Sri Chinmoy was also ceaselessly positive and an eternal optimist. The reason for his optimism became apparent during an interview on Westchester Newsline in the 1980s when the interviewer, Kevin McCabe, asked Sri Chinmoy why he was optimistic and hopeful for the future. Here is that portion of the interview.

Sri Chinmoy talks about the Mind and the Heart from Vasudeva Server on Vimeo.

When we live in the heart,
Everything is optimistic
    And realistic.

    – Sri Chinmoy. (source)

Sri Chinmoy – A Brief Biography

Sri Chinmoy was born in the village of Shakpura in the province of East Bengal, India (now Bangladesh) in 1931. He was the youngest of seven children in a devout family. In 1944, after the passing of both of his parents, he joined his brothers and sisters at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, a spiritual community near Pondicherry in southern India. From that time on he meditated for several hours a day and had many deep inner experiences. It was during this time that Sri Chinmoy began writing poetry and painting to convey his widening mystical vision. He also took an active part in ashram life and was a champion athlete for many years.

Sri Chinmoy (1931—20017)

Responding to an inner prompting, Sri Chinmoy immigrated to the United States in 1964 to be of service to spiritual aspirants in the Western world. During the 43 years that he lived in the West he founded over 100 meditation centres worldwide and served as a spiritual guide to thousands of students. Sri Chinmoy's boundless creativity found expression not only through poetry and prose, but also through the mediums of musical composition and performance, art and sport. In each sphere he sought to convey the diverse experiences that comprise the spiritual journey: the search for truth and beauty, the struggle to transcend limitations, and the supremely fulfilling communion of the human soul with the Divine.

As a self-described student of peace who combined Eastern spirituality and Western dynamism in a remarkable way, Sri Chinmoy garnered international renowned. In 1970 at the request of U Thant, the third Secretary-General of the United Nations, he began the twice-weekly peace meditations for delegates and staff at the UN headquarters in New York that continued until his passing. Sri Chinmoy enjoyed special friendships with many international luminaries including President Mikhail Gorbachev, Mother Teresa, President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

After Sri Chinmoy passed away on October 11 2007, tributes were offered from all over the world. Sri Chinmoy's creative, peace-loving and humanitarian endeavours are carried on worldwide by his students, who practice meditation and strive to serve the world in accordance with his timeless teachings.

Sri Chinmoy's Philosophy

During a radio interview in 1991, Sri Chinmoy was asked to sum up his philosophy and answered with the following comment.

"My philosophy is very simple: love and serve. We love God the Creator and serve God the creation. God is at once the Creator and the creation. When I pray and meditate, I love God the Creator, and when I serve mankind, at that time I am serving God the creation." (source)

The theme of acceptance is one of the quinessential aspects of Sri Chinmoy's life and legacy. In January 1998, while staying in Guatemala City, Sri Chinmoy was asked by the media to sum up his philosophy in one sentence and he responded with the following words.

"Our philosophy is the acceptance of life for the transformation of life and also for the manifestation of God's Light here on earth, at God's choice Hour in God's own Way." (source)

Challenging Impossibility – a journey from inner peace to outer strength

Challenging Impossibility is a 2011 documentary film that chronicles Sri Chinmoy's weightlifting odyssey from its beginnings in 1985, when he was 54-years-old, through to a weightlifting exhibition that he offered in New York in 2005. Read more »

Challenging Impossibility from Sanjay Rawal on Vimeo.

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