Welcome to our 'Take A Break' challenge.

Those new to meditation might like to try this simple meditation technique for a few moments. If you wish to listen to some meditative music while you are practicing this exercise, click on the audio player below (5.05 mins long).

Sunset over a tranquil ocean.

A still mind, an open heart: a simple meditation exercise.

  • Sit comfortably with your hands resting in your lap. Your back should be relatively straight and your shoulders relaxed.
  • Breath in as quietly and deeply as possible and with each incoming breath, feel that you are inhaling infinite peace.
  • With each breath try to go a little bit deeper – inside you is an ocean of peace and you are entering into this ocean.
  • If you wish to, breathe out all your thoughts and restlessness until your whole being is filled with a profound peacefulness.

The melodies above are Beauty came to me and Bhagaban niye jao mor shata abhiman – songs composed by Sri Chinmoy. They are performed by Shardul and are taken from his album Beauty Came To Me.

This simple exercise will help you to feel re-energised, calm and tranquil. It will also help you to go forward with clarity and confidence and can be practiced whenever you feel the need for a refreshing break in your day. Over time it will become second nature and a powerful tool in your life.

Oh, Take a Break

Oh, take a break, just take a break,
My useless talker-mind.
My heart, go forward, just go forward;
No, never stay behind.

    – Sri Chinmoy (source)

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